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Shanghai Curui Low-Carbon Energy Technology Co. Ltd. is jointly initiated by Shanghai Songjiang district government and Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences. As the support of ICT innovation in the first batch of 18 functional platform, it is an important part of the construction of Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Center, and focuses on institutional reforms and technical services in low-carbon industries.

Based on the properties of non-profit and public research, Shanghai Curui Low-Carbon Energy Technology Co. Ltd., focuses on the generic key technologies for low-carbon R&D industries. It aims to build a service support system for low-carbon technology, get through the whole chain of the engineering research and development of low carbon technology, and realize the process from green manufacturing of catalyst or energy materials, concept verification and equipment operation, engineering simulation to industrial application. Combined with academician and expert workstation and low-carbon BBS, it can serve and promote the incubation and commercial application of low-carbon energy technologies.



ADDRESS:Building 11, No. 300, Dingyuan Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai


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