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Chongqing Liangjiang Investment Group Visits the Low-Carbon Platform

Time:2023-08-18 Reading:3032

    August 16, 2023, Deputy General Manager of Liangjiang Investment Group and Chairman of Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone Company, Wang Fei, led a team to visit the Shanghai Low-Carbon Technology Innovation Functional Platform (hereinafter referred to as the 'platform') for observation and exchange. Sun Yuhan, Chairman of the Platform, and Wang Hui, executive in charge of the Platform, and other leaders attended the reception.

    Chairman Wang Fei and his team, led by Zhang Min, the person in charge of technological projects, visited the R&D laboratory and various sub-platforms. They listened to the overall development status of the platform, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and the application of technological promotion, gaining a detailed understanding of the platform's development positioning, operation mode, and strategic planning.

    During the symposium, Chairman Sun Yuhan first extended a warm welcome to Chairman Wang Fei and his delegation, introducing them to the platform's development history, industrialization development goals, as well as the explorations and practices made during the development process.

    Chairman Wang Fei highly praised the construction achievements of the platform in recent years, especially in green and low-carbon technology innovation. The platform has realized the transformation of scientific research results from the laboratory to practical application, truly promoting technological innovation, industrial innovation, and the integrated development of industry, university, and research.

    Finally, both parties had a heated exchange on further strengthening cooperation and building an innovation platform with national influence. They also had an in-depth discussion on how to leverage the resource advantages of both sides to realize the grounded transformation of low-carbon innovative technologies. General Manager Fan Weiyao and Deputy General Manager Ji Xiang of Shanghai Lanze Energy Technology Co., Ltd. accompanied the reception.



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