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Filling the gaps in China | CNPC's "α-Olefin Synthesis Complete Set of Technology Industrial Test" Project Interim Delivery

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    On August 30th, CNPC 's industrial test project of α-olefin, such as octene, synthesis technology was delivered interim on schedule. This project is a major industrial field test project of CNPC, and one of the main research contents of the national key research and development program of China "key technology research and application of high-performance lubricant production". With the delivery of the project, Daqing Petrochemical Company has built the first set of 3,000-ton 1-octene synthesis industrial pilot plant in China. After the success of the industrial test, it will develop a 10,000-ton complete set of technology and process packages with independent intellectual property rights and fill the gaps of the domestic 1-octene production technology. The overall technology will reach the international advanced level, which will enhance CNPC 's technological and industrial advantages in the field of α-olefin.

    It is understood that the test project total investment of 59.99 million yuan, covers an area of 4,800 square meters, relying on Daqing Petrochemical Company 5,000 tons / year hexene-1 device for expansion, mainly by the new formulation reaction plant and its ancillary equipment, buffer tanks new buffer frame and the original hexene-1 device related to the transformation of the pump room consists of three parts. With the advancement of industrial tests, Daqing Petrochemical Company will be able to switch the production of high-quality α-olefin series products, such as 1-hexene, 1-octene, decene, etc., under different working conditions in the future.

    The complete set of technologies for the synthesis of styrene and other α-olefins was independently developed by the Daqing Center of the Petrochemical Research Institute. During the technical research phase, the R&D personnel successively overcame challenges such as the structural innovation of molecularly confined highly selective 1-octene catalysts, the development of new processes for the entire production flow, and the design of high-efficiency mass transfer industrial reactors. This enabled PetroChina's 1-octene production technology to be the first in the country to enter the industrial demonstration stage.

    Filling the gaps of domestic α-olefin products. The plant's 5,000-ton/year 1-hexene unit was put into operation in 2008, and in order to effectively enhance CNPC's technological and industrial advantages in the field of α-olefin, and create a new growth point for CNPC's benefits, the α-olefin project was expanded and reformed in 2021.The α-olefin project, which is relying on the existing facilities and technological equipment of the 1-hexene unit, was converted and expanded into a project with the capability of producing 1-hexene, 1-octene, decene, and other high-quality α-olefin products. According to Fusheng Wang’s introduction, director of 1-hexene workshop, after the completion of the project, the production capacity will be 5,000 tons/year of 1-hexene, 2,500 tons/year of 1-octene, and 3,600 tons/year of decene. Based on the development of the process package with independent intellectual property rights, the project can fill the gaps in the production of domestic α-olefin products and accelerate the process of independent research and development of high-end products

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