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Built for high-end, hatch nationalization "technology" of the international first-class low-carbon technology incubation platform, Shanghai joint low carbon technology innovation functional platform LAN ze energy technology co., LTD., Shanghai brand high carbon energy technology co., LTD., firm air chemical products (Shanghai) energy technology co., LTD. Establish low-carbon industry technology incubators, develop low-carbon technologies support ecological system.In the later stage, incubators will invest in related technologies of incubation functional platforms and provide space needed for functional platforms by becoming a shareholder in the platform, and market the technological output of functional platforms for commercial incubation.The technology of platform incubation relies on the low-carbon industry technology incubator to implement market operation, and the two sides are financially independent but complementary to each other to jointly promote the development of low-carbon cities and their related industries.

Gaolu Air Chemical Products (Shanghai) Energy Technology Co., Ltd.2020-04-03 Shanghai Smart Carbon Energy Technology Co., Ltd.2020-04-03 Shanghai ICT Developer Energy Technology Co., Ltd.2020-04-03



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