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This platform mainly aimed at the energy of the catalytic materials composition, surface and performance analysis of phase structure characterization, establish energy catalytic materials testing routine analysis system, using the STA, GC - MS, FT - IR, ICP, XRD, XRF, such as precision instruments, analysis of material thermal properties, mechanical properties, adsorption performance analysis, material composition of qualitative and quantitative analysis, and so on, to realize the macro scale to micro-nano scale, high sensitivity and high temporal resolution of energy material fast detection and characterization, the formation of energy technology, chemical technology, information technology and environmental protection science and technology in areas such as analysis of the test system,Accelerate the pace of research and development of energy catalytic materials.

Built in situ structure-activity analysis and characterization of multifunctional energy materials research system, is used to carry out real reaction under the condition of energy material and catalyst activity center of essence and structure-activity relationship research, as well as light, heat, electricity and other functional materials in situ characterization of micro and transient, for the design of the high-performance energy material and catalyst to provide important scientific basis.



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